Here’s another widely held prejudice about old age challenged by the evidence.

It’s commonly believed that people sleep less soundly as they grown older. But it seems that this isn’t true, at least for healthy people. This month, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania* showed it was the middle-aged who had the greatest sleep problems – with older people sleeping more soundly.

The results are based on what healthy participants – 155,857 men and women – said about themselves. There’s a need for confirmation by other types of studies, but the findings are noteworthy.

It’s good for preconceptions about fit elderly people to be challenged. One comment I hear quite often is “Who wants to live to an old age anyway?” Indeed, part of what we have tried to do in our book is address the widespread negative view of what old age is like.

If you manage to avoid the main diseases – which is what our book is all about – then your later years can be full of health and vitality.

And sound sleep!


Professor Brian Kirby, author of How to Live to 110 : Your comprehensive guide to a healthy life


*Grandner et al, Age and Sleep Disturbances Among American Men And Women: Data From the U.S. Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

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