How to Live to 110, a guide for all ages on how to stay healthy and live a long life.

Your comprehensive guide to a healthy life

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How to Live to 110: Your comprehensive guide to a healthy life.


We hope "" will be useful for everyone (even if you don't buy our book!).

It shows how to avoid the main diseases that kill people early and make old age a misery. These diseases are largely caused by the modern lifestyle.

You really can make a difference. Take steps now and you could live longer. More importantly, you will be healthier in your old age.

This is not fantasy. Everything in "How to Live to 110" is based firmly on science.

Your old age needn't involve being frail, uncomfortable, breathless, confused and immobile. These conditions are caused by diseases, not by old age itself.

In fact, people who avoid disease and live beyond 100 are often in great shape - active, clear-thinking and often independent. Have a look at our video selection [NOW UP AND RUNNING].

It's worth taking action now, whatever age you are - and even if you don't fancy living to 110! People are living to much older ages these days. Make sure you will be in great shape in your later years by taking some simple steps now.

If you have our book...

The various resources mentioned in our book are gathered together in the Useful section. Body check will give you both your resting metabolism for Chapter B2 and your BMI for Chapter B7.

You can find information related to specific chapters of the book through the orange links down the right hand side (-->).

There you can find further links to useful sites, additional information, and selected references to some of the scientific papers we used in researching the book.

If you don't have our book...

We suggest your tour of this site starts with a look through chapter 1 and chapter 2 - which set the scene - and then perhaps the body check page that will calculate a range of helpful things for you.

Then have a look at heart disease and strokes, and flick through the pages that follow (these can all be accessed directly using the links to the right). Each suggests steps you can take to improve the chances of a longer life and healthier old age. (Of course, this is only a small fraction of what's in our book!)


Science is constantly moving forward. As we come across new findings that could help you avoid disease we will add them to our blog - why not sign up? We also hope to add informative and fun videos to the video page, so come back and visit this site regularly.

We hope you find our website interesting.

Our best wishes to you for a long, and above all healthy, life.

Brian Kirby and Tim Kirby

Authors, How to Live to 110



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How to Live to 110: Longevity, living longer and the steps to take for a healthy old age